The Egyptian Lebanese Businessmen Friendship Association

Our Association

was established in 1992 with the aim of improving economic relations, facilitating common investments, exchanging experience, encouraging education and unity for both Egyptians and Lebanese, and coming together as one unit, thereby bringing out the cooperation spirit of both these countries and the Arabian world.

The association activates Egyptian Lebanese economic relations and reinforces the relation of the association with economic foundations and chambers of commerce in two countries. This reinforcement affected on the activity of our association that sought the activation of the trade exchange accord between the two countries in 1998 with the approval of the representative parliamentaries in both countries and its ratification to activate the free trade zones between them and increasing their industrial and commercial integration as well as reinforcement of their ability for positive mingling in the international economy. In the meanwhile, our association made a quantum leap in the relations of cooperation between Egypt and Lebanon on bilateral and regional levels. Hence, it opened new prospects of Egyptian Lebanese economic co-operation. Therefore, developing the levels of Egyptian Lebanese more