creating the right atmosphere to discuss and exchange opinions in order to increase commercial exchange between Egypt and Lebanon, organizing meetings and communication opportunities for both Egyptian and Lebanese members by coordinating trips, visits, and seminars for businessmen of both countries

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Coordinating with other businessmen organizations and exhibition managements in both countries to participate in common activities. This will increase the cooperation and communication between its members and others


Facilitating entry visas for both countries


Supporting members' continuous creation of jobs by updating information of their activities at the Association Website


Establishing an information center and a scientific library which includes projects, laws, and agreements signed between both countries, and making them accessible for the expansion of economic services for Egyptian, Lebanese, and Arabian economies, and the labor society of both countries


Offering information and guidance to new investors, and helping them overcome any obstacles


Creating the right social atmosphere, supporting relations of members, and offering them discounts by signing agreements with hotels, airlines, hospitals, etc. that present us with the best offers


Participation of youth members to open communication channels between Egypt and Lebanon through the utilization of their abilities to create a young society with culture, creativity, and distinction in common


Supporting women's role in the various Association activities, especially social and educational, while continuously coordinating with committees and social organizations in both Egypt and Lebanon for cooperation. In addition, ensuring the understanding of charity work and the role of associations in growth, social work, and cultural creativity