About Us


The association was founded in the beginning of 1992. It Aimed at developing economic relations, facilitating joint investment, exchanging experiences, supporting social relationships, pushing culture and solidarity among the two peoples: Egyptian and Lebanese. It is because of melting the two peoples in one pot to enrich co-operation spirit among the two brotherly nations and Arab world.


The association activates Egyptian Lebanese economic relations and reinforces the relation of the association with economic foundations and chambers of commerce in two countries. This reinforcement affected on the activity of our association that sought the activation of the trade exchange accord between the two countries in 1998 with the approval of the representative parliamentaries in both countries and its ratification to activate the free trade zones between them and increasing their industrial and commercial integration as well as reinforcement of their ability for positive mingling in the international economy. In the meanwhile, our association made a quantum leap in the relations of cooperation between Egypt and Lebanon on bilateral and regional levels. Hence, it opened new prospects of Egyptian Lebanese economic co-operation. Therefore, developing the levels of Egyptian Lebanese co-operation causes finding the best levels of co-operation relations between the two countries. There are economic, industrial and commercial co-operation as well as cultural co-operation that should progress to political co-operation level.


The association, since it was founded in 1992, seeks to provide all its technical and administrational capabilities to serve economic, commercial cooperation and integration, facilitate connection processes and exchange of economic information concerning commerce and investment opportunities between the two countries, enhancing their cooperation at the level of governments, business organizations and economic blocs. The association develops economic cooperation relations between the two countries to be a link between foundations and corporations in both countries for purposes of commercial exchange, investment, technical exchange, organizing commercial delegations visits and providing businessmen with assistances.


Since it has been founded up till now, the association supports friendship and encourages investment by preparing systems, communication programs, modern information leading to experience exchange between the two countries.


The association contributed to projects of environmental, national service, developing social awareness distributing cultural knowledge, economic awareness, solving problems that obstacle establishing projects, development under the new globalization system to face challenges. The association planes and executes programs of festivals, feasts, local and regional conferences in addition to it contributes to national ceremonies.


The association includes some of capitalists, businessmen and specialized experts: Egyptian and Lebanese. We hope that Allah helps us to achieve goodness for our home and nation.


Association Objectives

  • Developing the Egyptian Lebanese relations in social, economic, cultural and sports fields.
  • Providing means for association members to vote their opinions in the basic issues that related to commerce and investment between Egypt and Lebanon.
  • Encouraging investments, mutual expertise in social, economic, cultural, and tourism fields.
  • Organizing and holding conferences, symposiums and exhibitions between the two countries.
  • Organizing parties between the two countries for association members
  • Exchanging tours and visits.
  • Exchanging information.
  • Issuing periodic publications and a magazine about the association activity.
  • Establishing mutual business boards, committees and workshops.
  • Establishing scientific, specialized and research centers.
  • Establishing a cultural and social club to serve the members of the association.